Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Recyclemania at MSU - Don't get caught being trashy, get caught green handed!

For the second year in a row, Morehead State University is participating in Recyclemania, a nationwide competition between institutions of higher education to promote campus sustainability through the 3 Rs; Recycle, Reuse and Reduce. MSU's recycling rate before the competition has been around 7-10%. We can do Much More recycling, eagles! Last week kicked off the first week of the competition. To get the word out, the MSU Earthwise Eagles and our student Recyclemania coordinator displayed information and giveaway items in front of the ADUC food court. A new aspect to the competition this year adds student social media posts. Students are being asked to join the MyActions social media student app and tweet and text different hashtags and information about their 3 Rs actions over the 8-week period. Students who joined MyActions, tweeted or texted during the ADUC event earned a reusable mug donated by Aramark/Dining Services. For the remaining 7 weeks, students are being asked to continue to perform MyActions, tweet and text with pictures and information about their 3 Rs actions to increase our school's social media score in the competition. The text and tweet hashtags change throughout the competition. Here is a breakdown of the texts and tweets over the 8 weeks that students should utilize:
Weeks 1 & 2
Tweet: @Recyclemaniacs #Morehead #Recycle
Text to 21212: #rm2015 #Morehead #Recycle
Weeks 3 & 4
Tweet: @Recyclemaniacs #Morehead #Reuse
Text to 21212: #rm2015 #Morehead #Reuse
Weeks 5 & 6
Tweet: @Recyclemaniacs #Morehead #Reduce
Text to 21212: #rm2015 #Morehead #Reduce
Weeks 7 & 8
Tweet: @Recyclemaniacs #Morehead #zerowaste
Text to 21212: #rm2015 #Morehead #zerowaste
GAMEDAY: Any Gameday during 8 weeks
Tweet: @Recyclemaniacs #Morehead #Gameday
Text to 21212: #rm2015 #Morehead #Gameday
SPIRIT DAYS (Blue & Gold Fridays)
Tweet: @Recyclemaniacs #Morehead #Spirit
Text to 21212: #rm2015 #Morehead #Spirit

To join the MyAction social media, search for the app on your mobile device or go to www.campus.myactions.org and sign up. Start earning badges for your good deeds and points for MSU. Be sure to post some pictures of you and your friends doing the 3 Rs.

If you missed out on the reusable mug giveaway, look for us again in the same spot in ADUC during the early part of week 3. We have more reusable mugs and shopping bags we will exchange for tweets and texts, so make sure your mobile device is charged and come join the fun! If you miss us in ADUC, don't despair, we have more ways to earn prizes! Get Caught Green Handed, the Trash to Treasure photo contest and the 3 Rs video contest information is on our main website. You may also find us giving away items for retweets and shares on our Facebook page so be sure to follow us on Facebook and Twitter! Most importantly, have fun and remember to reduce, reuse and recycle, even when no one is watching, because it's the only way to not be trashy!

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